Husa Centric Hotel - Undue charging

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Not resolved

I'd like to add the final about my complaint regarding to an undue charging made by Husa Centric Hotel in Andorra, which I made the reservation trough Agoda's site.I had to cancel the hotel about one month before my arriving date and second the cancellation policy of the hotel I wouldn't be charged, but for my surprise I was unduly charged, after this I made a lot of contacts with Agoda site and the hotel.

The hotel at first gave me back my money but I ended with lots of taxes in my credit card besides the dolar that was lower when I received the money.

So I carried on with my contacts to the Agoda and the Hotel asking for this loss also, once they made an undue charging, and I explained that was unfair I pay for their mistake, after several emails the AGODA site finally took responsability for this loss and paid me back the credit card taxes and the lowering of the dolar.The Hotel dind't like too much to pay me this back and suggested a bank transfer, with lots of another taxes for the international transfer, but I think the AGODA solved the problem very well and took responsability for the hotel mistake!!

Thanks to Agoda!

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